SCBWI Winter Conference 2010

Yesterday evening, I returned from the SCBWI Winter Conference 2010. Attending the event in NYC made the event all the more exciting since there is always so much to do and see in NYC! The wheather was freezing, but that didn't stop anyone from having fun! For now, I'll be putting up some pictures from the conference. Starting tomorrow, I will be posting up details, notes, more pictures and videos that I've compiled from the conference. All I have to say for now is that, if you are serious about writing, if you love writing and if you want to get published, you must attend one of the SCBWI conferences. You will learn so much, meet great people and have one of the best experiences in the publishing world. The conference was definitely insiteful and fun. People were encouraging and kind. Children's writers and illustrators are people who are really in the business because they love writing, illustrating and children. It is one of the fewer industries that truly do what they do for love and not for money. The industry proves so, because only the ones who truly pour out their heart and soul to write and draw are the ones who succeed in this industry. I know because  I've met and listened to many of them during the conference. Now, enjoy the pictures!

Below is one of the jumbo sized projectors that showed speakers, messages, and presentations throughout the event.

Steve Mooser - President

Lin Oliver Executive Director

Empire State Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt New York

Book store at the conference

More images from the book store

The fabulous members of the SCBWI organization in the Los Angeles office!

More to come tomorrow!

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